Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How sweet it is

Isn't this the most fabulously glitzy bridal shower ever?

The guest of honour was none other Dylan Lauren - daughter of the King of Prep, Ralph Lauren.

The candy bar theme was totally cute but I loved how they took it to the next level with the whole jewel flavour. The caviar bling, the pink diamond ring pops, the crown jewels. It was gorgeous how they paid homage to Dylan's candy business success with lolly mosaics and DIY goody bags.

For more pics of this 'sweet' bridal shower and Dylan's stunning wedding, check out Martha Stewart (of course!)

And yes, I thought fiance Paul (above) was rather 'sweet' too!

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TINA KENT said...

haha! That was beautiful. Imagine her access to lollies for the rest of her days. If he wasn't quite handsome I'd think she married him for his 'treats!' lovT