Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vegetarians not invited

As daughter of a meat wholesaler, I consider myself a bit of a meat snob.

None of this minute steak business, it's all about a quality porterhouse for me - medium rare of course.

So you can imagine my joy when Emma returned from Sydney to tell me about this incredibly beautiful, over the top, decadent and mind blowing shop in trendy Woollahra . . . that was a butcher shop!

Victor Churchill. My spiritual home.

Finally, a shop that honoured the beauty and grandeur of a good cut of meat! (At this stage I should apologise to any vegetarian readers - nothing wrong with a slab of tofu every now and then, but I just can't lie about my love of red meat!)

The fit out has won many an award for the family business and Dreamtime Australia Design, including ‘Best in Retail’ at the 2010 Interior Design, Best of Year (BoY) Awards in New York.

With my penchant for parties, I was also weak at the knees for the beautiful Victor Churchill Events handbook that Emma brought back from the shop. What a gorgeous setting for a dinner party or cocktail celebration. And with a French chef at the helm? Perfection!

It's such a fabulous space that it played home to the oh-so-exclusive Chandon Supper Club, raising money for Camp Quality in 2010. ModelCo hosted an intimate dinner party for 12 in the butchery last year, with the 'paddock to plate' theme carried through into the gorgeous table centrepieces of moss, lamb tongue leaves and white cyclamens.

Righto, I think steak's on the menu for me tomorrow!

Pics from victorchurchill.com


B.x said...

My husband would love you! As a vegetarian married to a farmer, I just don't have the right appreciation for a good steak!

Kate said...

I'd make the perfect farmer's wife, B! I make a mean lamb shank, love to bake and even drink beer! Just need to find me a groom x

TINA KENT said...

The interior of this butcher is to die for! My friend did their PR in Sydney for a few years & used to talk about it & then we had a look the other wkd in Sydney. It has all old school tiled walls & bronze sausages for door handles. They haven't missed a trick. Pretty amazing butcher I must say! P.s Chicks that love meat is a great selling point .. .should you get a t-shirt printed!?ha.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, loved that interior so much! They hit the nail on the head with the perfect 'butcher' look... we must go again hun xx