Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh so Great

Cannot WAIT for Baz Luhrmann's latest masterpiece, The Great Gatsby.

What a wonderful cast Baz has to play with. I think Jude Law could've been fabulous in the lead role as well.

Sydney's Centennial Park looked a treat in all its blooming glory on the weekend. Long Island it is not, but our film industry sure knows how to make it work and has proven we can mix it with the best of them.


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait either! We will need to have an opening night dress up party I think - in fact, how about we fly to Sydney now and do a bit of set stalking? Now that would be fun!

Gild and Grace said...

Oh I'm sooooo excited Kate! These are the first shots I've seen! Cannot wait either!! Have a great week :)

Abbey x

Kate said...

Always up for a trip to Sydney, Em! Abbey, I think we've still got ages to wait 'til we get any more snippets of the film - can you imagine the excitement when we see the trailer for the first time?!?!

B.x said...

I'm a little concerned about the rumour that the film is being shot in 3D. Do you think it will undermine the period glamour if the audience is wearing plastic 3D glasses while watching?