Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Take the quiz

Have you ever wondered how to put a label on your design style?

I'm still searching for those perfect few descriptive words that encapsulate my individual style. Emma's helping me fine tune it.

In the meantime, I took the iscd quiz to see what they suggest . . .

Modular Living?

This was the first one that popped up after I completed the quiz. And it couldn't have got me more wrong.

Your space is quite minimalist.
Your living spaces are simple and unadorned.
Every space is rational and reduced to your fundamental needs.
There is no need for excess.

You have got to be kidding! Have you seen my bedroom!?

Nope, not happy with that one so I took the test again and tried to sway it.

Sleek New Earth.

You love the outdoors and bring them into your living environment.
You consider the technological side of your space.
You bring trends that complement your lifestyle into your home.

Hmm, not really an outdoors girl myself but I do love big bunches of fresh flowers, so is that what they could be referring to? Not too sure about the technological side. This is the girl who still buys CDs and doesn't have an iTunes account. Oh, and I also have a VHS player. Yep.

So let's try again.

High Street Classic

You collect key pieces over time.
Rich and luxurious objects appeal to you.
Your home is a temple to all you love.
Beloved memories fill your home.
You balance function with excess.
You enjoy the finer things in life.
Trends are integrated into your home.

Okay, now we're getting there. I still don't think it's me to a tee, but an improvement on the other two.

I think I need something with 'colour' and 'preppy' or 'pop' or maybe 'barefoot elegance'. Nope, still nothing.

To borrow from the gorgeous Anna Spiro, she describes her style as 'collected, colourful, layered, comfortable, interchangeable, interesting, unexpected.'

I like that. Something to work towards.

How would you describe your style? Go on, try and wrap it up in five words or less.

Take the quiz for yourself here and create your own Magazine Cover!

I hope you have more luck than me!

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Sally@Salambao said...

What fun! I got 'New York Loft'...not really my style but I'd happy live in NY in a loft, maybe that's what they meant?! X