Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some advice

Had my Matchbook fix on the weekend and loved the work of Summer Thornton.

I especially enjoyed her advice on her website:

Do at least one thing your mother wouldn’t

Reference the past, don’t repeat it

Use patterns and colors recklessly!

Insist on natural fabrics

Colors don’t clash

Never say never

More is more

Always say no to faux

Every home should have at least 1 thing from a flea market

Traditional designs need-not be boring

God’s neutral is green

Fresh flowers are a room’s best accessory

No great room was ever designed without taking a risk

If your neighbors are doing it, you probably shouldn’t

I am mad for that wallpaper behind Summer in the pic. Totally gorge!


Gild and Grace said...

She sounds like my kind of lady! That wallpaper is indeed pretty divine. Hope you're having a nice week Kate :)

Abbey x

TINA KENT said...

ahhh! This is still sitting in my Inbox waiting to be read! This morning I was reading about Annie Apple instead . . .H should be reading Matchbook at 4.30am in the morning. .. so much better for him right!? what's your favourite online mag? lovT