Saturday, November 12, 2011


I love a wedding. Or as my friend Alice told me on Friday, I am a wedding!

Heading three and bit hours north today for the nuptials of Kelly and Bernie. Can't wait for some country fun!

And one of the best bits? The roadtrip on the way there. Christina will no doubt have the tunes cranking and I've promised treats. It's the roadtrip home I'm worried about. Stocking up on Gatorade and Doritos . . . for everyone's sake!

Have a beautiful day, Kelly and Bernie. Can't wait to celebrate with you both xo


Gild and Grace said...

I love a good wedding too! Have a great time Kate :)

Abbey x

B.x said...

What a stunning image! Have a great time this weekend - there's nothing quite like a country wedding!

Kate said...

Country weddings are the best, B! It was in the town hall, absolutely stunning. Will post some pics this week x