Thursday, November 3, 2011

Windsor ways

Totally in love with Windsor Smith at the moment. I find I'm pinning her stuff at every chance! I found pics of her house in House Beautiful and fell head over heels in love with it all.

The kitchen, in particular, took my breath away. A cook's dream! And I love the dramatic black and fact that it looks lived in - you can actually see her utensils and tea towels hanging on the oven handle! This is no display house - it's a home. This whole 'lived-in' look is something I'm definitely mad for at the moment (yep, mentioned it in my last post aswell!)

I love the idea of sitting in a wing-back chair at the kitchen table. How decadent! It's my dream to be able to entertain guests in the kitchen and have them settled and comfortable while you can still potter around at the stovetop or chopping board. I hate having to always duck out to the living room and leave my cooking unattended, just to make sure my guests have a drink and are cosy.

So yes, quite possibly the most perfect kitchen I've come across. Hits mine for six!

Oh, and I just had to throw in a pic of the sitting room. Those pink walls! Gush!

For more pics, check out the interview and full gallery in House Beautiful


Gild and Grace said...

That kitchen is a dream Kate! That oven is huge! I love her style too :)

Abbey x

B.x said...

I absolutely agree. I have a HUGE Windsor Smith obsession!