Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I had a Mo Bro over for dinner the other night with his lovely wifey Kristie. Hadn't seen these guys in a while (they were the fabulous Palm Cove bride and groom) so was good to catch up - over a big feast.

The weather had been great last week so I was preparing for a BBQ outside, the first for the season, but a late afternoon shower put and end to that.

Cooking inside on the stove just doesn't have the same romance!

Went for a tried and tested classic - chicken and haloumi skewers. Find the recipe here. Even used preserved lemon this time. It was a winner!

Boys just can't help themselves when there's a pair of tongs around! I felt terrible having my guests cook their own feed!

So I got the tongs back and helped finish it off!

(Note the horribly curly hair - the CFO at work actually asked me if I'd had a perm or if it was naturally like that! Hate this weather!)

And ta da! A feast fit for a king - or a hungry bloke earning some good cash for a great cause. Love your Movember efforts, Andy!

Get behind the Movember effort here. There's still time to be involved.

And yes, there's the watermelon salad again! It's a fave!

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B.x said...

You put on the most amazing spreads! I'm feeling very inspired to 'up' the entertaining 'ante'!