Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kara Kihm

With Summer weather making a welcome appearance on the weekend and lots of parties to plan for, I turned to etsy for some wardrobe inspiration.

And boy, was I rewarded!

Let me introduce you to Kara Kihm . . .

Not only is she a fab designer, but also a fellow blogger!

With the formalities over with, let's meet The Erin . . .

Erin likes games of badminton and bubbles by the pool.

And have you met The Fair? Totally gorge!

The Fair likes an outdoors event but is equally as happy with cocktails and canapes in the sunroom. I think I'd like to introduce her to the cricket.

Let's not forget about The Elizabeth Anne. It has Summer written all over it!

Not too long, not too short and with the perfect amount of frill, Elizabeth Anne is a welcome attendee at any soiree!

And then my two favourite gals - The Amanda and The Lily.

These lovelies are the best of friends and list weddings as their favourite days out.

Bewdiful. I'll have one in every colour thanks!

And for my Christmas ensemble?

The Madee.

It just screams festive and fun!

Make sure you stop by her etsy shop for more colourful pieces.


Gild and Grace said...

Loving your Christmas outfit Kate! And Kara's are pretty cute too ;)

Hope you're having a great week :)

Abbey x

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

far out - this has 'YOU' written all over each and everyone of these outfits. LOVE xx

B.x said...

Just gorgeous. How did we ever get by before Etsy...