Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rightly Royal

News flash.

Princess Mary is back on the radar. Well, she's never been off.

Isn't she divine? I just adore the woman - I think it's because she's just so natural. So effortlessly cool. Poised, eloquent, warm and engaging.

Need my hairdresser to take note of her hair colour.

Cooking with Matt Moran. I never look that good in the kitchen!

And those orange shoes are so much fun - flat can be good!

And where can I get my hands on those sunnies? Ever so stylish. I need them!

And with Quentin Bryce - the Queen of Style in Australia. I loved her classy ensembles when the President was visiting. And she shines again in hot pink here.

Don't get me started on Mary's outfit. Perfection. That camel belt!? Nailed it.

As for accessorising? Frederik's not a bad handbag. No, not at all.

And those twinnies!

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B.x said...

If ever a woman was born to be a princess, it's our Mary!