Thursday, November 10, 2011

Say cheese

Thanks to yesterday's star Summer Thornton, I came across this cool photographer Julie Blackmon.

I love her snapshots of 'real life'. Wouldn't they make for great family portraits? I remember the posed photos we had when I was about 9 years old, all dressed up in my Sunday best. Mum had a perm and there was a leather lounge involved I think. Goodness, Dad had a lot more hair!

I think this relaxed, colourful approach would make for great family momentos - you could set up Christmas scenes and use them on the front of family Christmas cards, or get the whole fam involved in a game of backyard cricket.

The line up one is my fave - it would be a great pressie for grandparents with all their little ones playing up.

For more pics, visit Julie's website.


Deb Baker said...

Love it!! I am so inspired to set a Christmas scene with the kiddlies. x

Kimberli said...

Very cool. That baby can fly in that second one. Something about the extraordinary in the ordinary. Very inspiring! Thanks for the share.