Monday, November 14, 2011

That's amore!

We had a lovely night over at Liam and Jess's the other night with the master of the house knocking our socks off with fabulous pizzas.

They're recently inherited the wood fire oven from Jess's parents and like all boys, Liam loves nothing better than lighting things up!

He played with some great flavours - there was a gourmet take on the traditional Hawaaian, some kind of Turkish one I think, and definitely a killer Margherita. Lots of other variations but the one that took the cake was the dessert masterpiece - nutella with banana, macadamia, coconut and vanilla cream. It was to die for.

Look how proud he was!

And the mess we left him with. Whoops!

And in trying to prove helpful, I thought I'd supply you with a pizza dough recipe my friend Libby swears by. I still think it's much easier to drop past Foodland to pick up their bag of fresh organic dough for $4 but Libby assures me this is easier! I think it's a Margaret Fulton classic.

Pizza Crust

2 1/3 cups plain flour
1 tspn salt
1 tspn sugar
1 sachet dried yeast
3/4 cup lukewarm water
3 Tbspn olive oil

  1. Sift flour in large bowl with salt & stir in sugar & yeast.
  2. Make a well in centre and add water & oil.
  3. Mix to dough, then turn onto floured surface and knead lightly 4-5 mins, until smooth & elastic.
  4. Put dough into buttered bowl, turn to coat in butter & let it rise until doubled in size, in warm place, for about an hour.


Anonymous said...

Those pizzas look amazing Kateall! Very excited u posted my dough recipe too! Have u whipped one up yet? Hope to see u soon before chrissy (Luce would too!) Xo

Miranda Kerr said...

Wow! While those pizzas do look great, I want to know who that pizza make is. I just don't believe I have settled for some part-elf, when he was still out there. Bugger :(

Here's my recipe for a great liquid summer pizza that will detox the body and mind:

take 30mls of sparkling mineral water and place it in a shot glass.


Emjoy in moderation.

M x